The Wanderer

Day 1

Excited! My ship was the Horizon Omega, lovely little vessel, but much to small for my needs, must upgrade it soon. Met my first Gek, charming but crafty, must watch out. Atlas contacted me and urged that I follow his path, as if I needed urging. Have picked up an anomaly in the fifth system I jumped to, I think this will bare some investigation.

Many ruins discovered, my associates over at NMSAS will be very pleased. For the complete diary of my journey please see my on-board camera log here


Day 2

Worked hard today, change of ship, but still struggling with lack of space. Discovered a pearl yielding planet but as per the description, the Sentinels were frenzied! So much running and ducking ensued. Made 5 (or was it 6) jumps today and I am en route to my second black hole. Also met some (very) unfriendly natives and got punched by a Vy Keen (not sure about the spelling), anyway, forever onward.

Day 3

Where do I start? Wow, what a day. from finding a planet with limitless riches! I made six million units in just over an hour, to getting myself marooned on a space-station. Well it started okay, I jumped into a new system and was immediately targeted by the local pirates, forcing me to run for cover on the nearest planet, I just made it but my new friends stayed in orbit waiting for my return. So resigned to a long wait I decided to explore, and boy was I glad. Vortex Cubes, millions of em! just lying around waiting to be picked up. I immediately cleared all unnecessary articles from both my ship and suite to go Cube hunting. The great thing was the planet was only 6 light seconds from the orbiting station, so the boosts were almost instantaneous, giving the pirates no time to react, I did three runs until an accident put me in a very awkward spot, I was stuck on the station without a working launch booster! No problem I here you say, just buy iron from the market or another trader and off you go. Except the market and every trader I approached did not have any iron, I thought Atlas was getting his revenge for my sudden entry onto the rich list! In the end after sitting down and drinking three cups of Gek tea I found the solution, I dismantled some unnecessary equipment and used the iron I recouped to repair my launch booster. And off I go again, in the next half an hour I managed to earn enough to upgrade my ship to a twenty three slot capacity, removed all but the very basics from the hold and went to work, in the next hour I had made 6.5 million units. By the end of the day I had upgraded my suite to thirty two slots and my ship to thirty,  boy was I on a roll! But the best was yet to come, as I was preparing to jump to the next system I noticed the three pirates that had been hassling me all day, were still in orbit around the planet, so I set off after them, managed to chase them down and destroyed all three! Sweet ending to a great day.





At last, word has reached me that Shanaria is safe and has left her inaugural planet, which she aptly named “Helios” judging by her report.

As my own time of departure rapidly approaches, I look back and reflect on the idea and creation of our faction. Exploration, discovery, from my earliest recollections I have always been determined to see what is over the next hill, what lies beneath that ocean or what secrets does this cave system hold. I suppose on reflection it was only a matter of time before I applied to the high council for permission to set up The Children Of Atlas. Permission, I hasten to add that was given with much alacrity. I appear to have friends and would be explorers on the council, It’s no surprise really, since Intergalactic and Interstellar travel became available to all. So much space and so little time.

Hardship and Danger, that was the cry I used to lure members, that and the appeal of being the very first (and may hap, the only) person to see the sights of that undiscovered planet as you enter the atmosphere for the first time. What wonders or dangers await you. This and the discipline was the main reason I dedicated our cause to Atlas, that unknown and mysterious force that our people have worshipped from time immemorial. travelling to far and dangerous places also takes faith and for this we turn our faces to Atlas.

Dear reader, I have kept you far too long with my rambling diatribes, and for this I apologise. But please keep in mind that my adventures, my triumphs and may hap, even my demise will be recorded here. So until launch day, fare thee well and return at your leisure for The Wanderer and The Children Of Atlas will be awaiting your return.