Darkness, silence, nothing. The beginning will always be shrouded in questions. I knew I was awake. I could sense the space around me. Trapped in a void that no single form of Illumination could pierce to aid my frightened state. While I could sense the space about me I could feel nothing, no air, no floor, no walls. What I did have are memories. Flashes of knowledge seeming forced upon me, making me see bright dots that I knew where in my mind and not actually around my physical form. The dots forming images in my mind that I had no idea of they were my own or something that was involuntary placed into my subconscious. Over and over I saw an image of a long black shape hanging against starlit sky, pulsing with a red glow at its heart. Somehow I knew this was where I needed to be. I saw images of stars, planets, animals and plants slowly turn into symbols and then the symbols to tools. Something was teaching me but I had no idea who or what it was. The whole time the diamond shaped image pulsating behind it all. I had to find something, but what?