Shanaria Caspasian sixthmost amongst the Children Of Atlas

Day One and three units into orbital cycle of this unknown planet.

I will endeavour to report at the start of each orbital cycle, but the challenges presented by this first planet at first glance seem almost insurmountable. My need for various elements will require a certain, no, an extensive amount of exploration on foot. As it’s a desert planet I am uncertain at this time as to the existence of any subterranean cave system, which will make, not only good shelter but also offer more options to acquire the elements I need to depart this Atlas forsaken rock!

Day Two and one unit into orbital cycle.

Praise Atlas, I have found a cave system, and it has solved two of my immediate problems, that of shelter and access to the minerals I require to fuel my ship. I must report that prior to stumbling across this cave system, I was, for a while, in fear for my life. About two units from sunset and still desperate for shelter I heard what sounded like steam hissing out of a broken pipe, it came from over a ridge line I was approaching, may Atlas forgive me, but I hesitated, however a quick prayer and my courage regained I moved forward and surmounted the ridge. At first my eyes could not make any sense of the sight that greeted me, and the sand had been disturbed and clouded the area where the hissing noise appeared to be coming from. Then slowly as the sand settled my eyes focused on an almost unbelievable sight. Atlas protect me, a beast, snakelike in form and function was writhing around in the sand before me. But it’s size had me quaking, I dived to the ground in the hope that it did not catch a glimpse of me, highlighted as I was on the ridge. Atlas was certainly with me at that moment, for as I dived to the ground it seemed to open around me, and I found myself within this cave system. Praise Atlas.

Day Three and one unit before sunrise

The orbital cycle of this planet is quite short, only fifteen units! I am glad of this as seven and a half units in total darkness is more than enough for this explorer. That’s seven and a half units debating with myself as to my fitness for membership of the Children Of Atlas, I fear I am failing both as an explorer and as a dedicated member of my faction. No other reports I read before my departure gave any hint of fear from others of my kind. Hunger is starting to become a problem and my liquid is now rationed as well, I must find the elements I need and quickly.

Day Four and five units after sunrise.

I am doomed! three units into the dark time I again heard the hissing, the creatures I fear must hunt after dark, and I think they know I am here! Their noise and rumbling went on until well after sunrise, so I have done no prospecting at all, food and water are diminishing as are my future prospects. I must stay calm and focused.

Day Five and two units before sunrise.

The creatures are back, and with a vengeance, I fear they are actively hunting me now and it will not be long before I am discovered! I am contemplating making a run for my ship and chancing to luck that I can reach this planets moon with the fuel I have. A slim chance but better than staying here to become a meal for these horrendous creatures. I will time my departure three units after sunrise, when the creatures are quiet. Atlas protect me.